Removable Partial Dentures

removable-partial-dentures We will hardly find people, who are not facing any kind of dental problems. Yes, these days’ lifestyle has started taking its toll on tooth as well. However thanks to the modern day dentistry, which has its solution as well. The most useful innovation is dentures of various types.  Amongst all kind of dentures, I would talk about partial removable dentures and some frequently asked question concerning it.

What is a removable partial denture?

Before talking about partial dentures, let me tell you about what is denture. Dentures are the replacement for your original teeth. In case you have lost your teeth for some reasons then these dentures can be used as replacement, whose function would be similar to the teeth.  If you want dentures not to be fixed permanently then, you can use removable partial dentures, which could be removed at your wish. To give dentures a natural look, they are attached with pink colored artificial gum also.

Does denture bring restriction while eating?

Dentures are advised to use to compensate the need of natural teeth. However, for first few weeks, you would be suggested not to eat hard and stick food. You should eat soft foods. While chewing, make sure that you chew on both the sides. It helps to maintain the pressure on your dentures evenly and let it settle down properly.

Tips to take care of partial denture

You have to take care of your dentures, the way you used to take care of teeth. Rather, you have to be more careful, as you need to take special care of your gum under metal clap of denture. To clean dentures, brushes are available.

How long does it take to get used to partial denture?

Usually, people feel uncomfortable for first 1- 2 weeks after staring to use dentures. Afterwards, you will get used to it. If after weeks also, you feel uncomfortable then do let your dentist know about it. There might be some problem in fitting.