Quit Suffering Every Month With Painful Periods

painful-periods Suffering from the abdominal pain during period does not have to become a part of your life each month. In fact, this can be done without taking any kind of painkillers. You should actually forget about when your period started and when it ended at you won’t feel a thing, expect the obvious flow. Some of the causes of pain during periods include:

• Blood supply to the uterus’ lining is reduce leading to uterus spasms.

• Emotional Stress

• Low physical activity

• Hormonal Imbalance

• Growth of the uterine tissues outside uterus due to hormonal changes

• Magnesium and Calcium Imbalance leads to cramping

Due to the painful period, one is often compelled to take anti-inflammatories and painkillers which pose the risk of various health diseases such as stomach ulcer, liver toxicity, stroke, heart attack and clotting.

Fixes Using Naturopathic Medicines

Improve Flow of Blood

In order to improve the blood flow into the uterus lining, acupuncture, stress reducing therapies and castor oil packs can be quite effective.

More Physical Activity

Incorporating physical exercises of any kind in your daily routine can improve the situation as well.

Emotional Stress

To help your body to cope up with stress in a better manner, regular exercises, mineral, vitamins as well as adaptogenic herbs can be used.


Eliminating wheat and dairy products from the diet, use of liver detoxification, castor oil packs and acupuncture can help in resolving the issue of endometriosis tissue, thus reliving one of the associated pain.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance often occurs due to congestion in the liver as the liver is responsible for developing the building blows of new hormone development as well as for breaking and eliminating the old ones. Therefore, liver detoxification can be quite effective in alleviating menstrual pain due to hormonal imbalance.

Magnesium and Calcium Imbalance

Magnesium and Calcium supplements can be used to relieve you from spasms and muscle cramps that lead to menstrual pain.

All these approaches and completely natural and do not pose and health risk. On the contrary, they provide only healthy benefits and can also be helpful in avoiding other diseases related to hormones such as breast cancer.