Protection Against Swine Flu

swine-flu Recently WHO has issued a red alert and the cause is none other than the highly contagious H1N virus or popularly known as the swine flu. Usually virus related diseases are highly infectious in nature and they spread by air by means of breathing and hence they have a much faster pace of spreading than other microbial diseases. However unlike the bird flu which usually spreads by eating of the infected bird’s meat can be destroyed by properly cooking of the chicken.

Swine flu is highly resistant and is spreading throughout the world. Is has become a cause of concern for the world particularly the neighboring countries of Mexico. However WHO has prescribed some preventive measures that you can be aware of:

Use Breathing Mask:

It has been highly prescribed by the health departments of America and Mexico. Specially designed breathing mask can stop this deadly strain of virus from entering the body. Get it for free from the nearest health sector. Using breathing mask is the safest way to prevent the virus. Ensure separate masks for each of your family members.

Keep it Clean:

It is highly recommended that you keep your surroundings clean. If you can, carry a bottle of sanitizer with you and clean the hands properly with it. Also try to clean anything you touch like the door knobs etc if you are living in the high threat region.

Keep Away:

If it is possible then avoid going to places where large numbers of people meet. Beware of the high alert zones. If you need to visit the high alert zones for some emergency work, then you must wear the breathing mask.


When the virus is detected there are specific cures for it but there are no such drugs for prevention till date. All you can do is to depend on drugs like Selenium that is proven to boost the immunity and hence can resist the deadly virus.

You should be updated with print and the electronic media to know about the high alert zones often announced. You should avoid visiting those areas.