Plan A Romantic Valentine’s Day For Your Beloved

Who wouldn’t want to impress their special valentine with a romantic and thoughtful day? Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion for showering your beloved with special memories and expressing your love for them. Here are certain wonderful ideas to help you have a memorable experience with your special someone on the most romantic day of the year.

Breakfast in Bed: Get up before your beloved and bring champagne, fruit juice and an assortment of pastries and fruits for breakfast in bed. Also bring a single rose in a stylish vase on the same tray. Waking up to this loving breakfast in bed can be extremely romantic.

Picnic at Beach

Fill up your picnic basket with your loved one’s favorite treats and some sensual treats like chocolate covered strawberries. Choose a spot on the beach that has lesser crowd and lay out a blanket on sand. You can also bring some wine and candles if you like. Spend a relaxing and loving day at the beach with your beloved.

Drive In The Countryside

Take your beloved on a scenic drive in your car to a quaint place. Take along a CD of your beloved’s favorite songs or some all-time romantic tracks and play it on the way. Stop for lunch at a good restaurant en route and check for the same online beforehand.

Movie and Dinner

This option is quite popular and a good standby for spending some quality time with your loved one. Go for a good romantic movie and then for dinner (preferably candlelit) at a quiet and romantic place.

Treasure Hunt

This idea requires a considerable amount of planning and fore thought, but can end up to be a lot of fun. Make a map and give it to your valentine. Hide some clues in different locations marked on the map and make your beloved find their special gift this way.

Coupon Book

Make some handwritten coupons for your loved one which can be cashed in for kisses or hugs at any time.

If you are taking your special someone for a lunch or dinner, always make your reservations in advance to avoid any disappointment as special occasions like Valentine’s Day are the busiest days of the year.