Permanent Hair Dye

To get even colors throughout the head, permanent hair color is the only solution. You can disguise your white and grey hair only through permanent hair dye. The only way to color black or dark brown hair into lighter color like yellow or blond is use of permanent hair dye.

The best thing about permanent hair is that they are long lasting. So, if you want to die your hair, first of all decide what color you actually want for your hair. Permanents hair colors do not wash out, over time they can of course fade. It is not possible to undo permanent coloring and dyeing of the hair with another permanent color again.

It can cause serious damage to your hair, even make you bald. Once you dye your hair with permanent color, you can only get back to original color by bleaching the hair again. This harsh process can damage and weaken your hair resulting in hair loss, brittle and frizzed hair with split ends.

Permanent hair coloring is done, mainly in two parts. To lighten the original color, the hair is first bleached. When the original color gets lightened, after that new color is applied to the hair. Permanent hair dye contains ammonia- an alkaline agent. When the coloring process is done hydrogen peroxide is mixed with ammonia as an oxidizing agent. This alkaline solution makes it way deep through the hair fiber and helps to shred its natural pigment and penetrate at the core of the hair. The molecules present in the dye now color the lightened hair with new color.

Permanent hair coloring needs proper maintenance. Touch ups is needed to be done every month to cover the re-growth of new hair. Get ready to visit the hair stylist once a month when you have decided to dye you hair with permanent hair color. Get your hair dyed only by a professional expert. The result may be distressing otherwise.

To remove the permanent black dye is the toughest job. Most method leaves the hair orange and wiry after removing. To remove it safely you need mild hair bleach and hair color stripper which contains hydrogen peroxide.

To restore the natural shine and moisture of your hair, use a good conditioner after dyeing your hair.