Permanent Dentures To Gain Your Lost Smile

teeth-smile-300x300 Removable replacements for missing teeth are called dentures. Mostly made out of acrylic resin, but porcelain and metal also are used for additional support of the structure. According to need of the person there are two types of dentures namely complete and partial. It depends on the proper maintenance of the denture how natural it will appear.

Whoever considered having dentures is keen in knowing the cost and its advantage and disadvantages to have them. There is some information regarding permanent dentures.

Who needs dentures?

Anyone who has lost one or more teeth must discuss about dentures with a cosmetic dentist. Some of the teeth remain healthy after losing a few. So for them a partial denture can bring back the great smile. So before going for permanent complete dentures a discussion is necessary. May be you can just do well with bridging or dental implants instead of permanent dentures.

Accomplishment of dentures

Doctors may recommend extracting some teeth in some cases and in some other cases a surgery may also be needed to stabilize the dentures. First a wax bite impression to measure the teeth followed by try on appointment to set the colour of the teeth and the shape that suits the mouth best includes the procedure. Then finally the dentist will fabricate the final dentures fitted to your mouth.

Permanent dentures: advantages

Day by day when we get older the permanent dental replacement becomes very much important. Usually the implants look natural and people are satisfied with them. They are considered as more useful than removable bridges. Permanent dentures last lifetime if cared properly and they give force in biting.

Permanent dentures: disadvantages

This is a very time consuming as well as an expensive surgery. We all know that every surgery and drug have their own side effects. Dentures are no exception. Some kind of discomfort or pain is reported by some people but it usually goes away within a couple of days. Swelling, bruising are likely to happen after the procedure. After fifteen years of the implant the dentist has to replace the permanent dentures. Proper care of the dentures will make them last long.