Perfect Hairstyles for Round Faces

Astra West Every one wants to know which hair style will compliment their face. Especially women with round face find difficulty in finding the best hairstyle to suit their round face. There are lots of hair styles that can bring versatility in a woman with round face. The main idea behind choosing any hairstyle lies in feeling comfortable while carrying it. The hairstyle you opt for must suit your lifestyle. Whatever styles you may choose, your effort will go waste if you are not confident while wearing it. So choose the style you are confident wearing it and enjoy.

Women with round face have broader facial look and this facial shape usually makes the neck seem shorter. So woman with round face must choose a hair style that would make the appearance of the face thinner and longer. Though there is no definite rule to follow to create the perfect hair style for this kind of face cutting, but the aim should be to drive the face away from fullness and make it look thinner.

There are a number of hair styles that hair dressers prefer for round faces. Among them short hair style will be a good option because your face will appear long with this style. Another good option is to cut the hair in layers from sides, which can also give the face a thinner look. Do not opt for heavy or straight cut.

Women with double chin can try bob cut above the chin to look nice and if your height is short try cropped hair which will help short neck look longer. If you are having a nice long hair, then don’t cut it short. Just shape them in layers to give a slender look to your face.  Another way to give slandering effect to long hair is to highlight some portions of hair near the face. Long curls falling apart from the face can also suit you.

If volume of your hair is thick, you can try medium hair style also with longer and shorter layers. Longer layers will bring slimmer look and shorter layer will make the face more attractive.