Oily Skin

oilyskin Oily skin can be quiet troublesome at times. The constant shine on the face can be very uncomfortable especially during the summer months. The most badly affected area of the face is the chin and the forehead. The problem is mostly caused by hereditary, it has been observed that oily skin is handed down from one generation to the other. Oily skin is prone to acne as well; this skin type is most susceptible to the acne vulgaries.

The enlarged pores of the skin mostly characterize the oily skin. The level of sebum production is very high in this type of skin. The sebum attracts a lot of dirt and grime to the skin, which in most of the cases give rise to the acne formation. In maximum number of some cases the sebum production lessens, as we grow older. This is one of the main reasons that teenage skin is more prone to break outs.

There are other reasons for the onset of oily skin as well. It can be also caused by the changes in the hormonal level of the body; this can also trigger oiliness and make the skin oilier. There are times when the skin becomes oilier during menstruation, pregnancy and menopause as this is the time when there are maximum hormonal changes in the body. At times even birth control pills can trigger oiliness in the skin.

There are women who have oily skin only on their forehead and nose and the other areas are dry, this can be called combination skin. Women with oily skin are prone to developing a lot of blackheads as well. The easiest way to keep the skin free of acne and blackheads is to wash it with cold water regularly; this helps in tightening the pores.

Here, we suggests a few home remedies, these concoctions can be made at home with easily available ingredients and are known to be very effective on oily skin.  It has been known that acids that are present in the fruits help in removing the excessive oil from the skin. They can successfully remove the oil but not lose the moisture content of the skin.

You can rub cucumber juice, limejuice and even yogurt on the skin as this will help to keep the oil in balance. You can also make a mask by crushing strawberries, Aloe Vera and yogurt; this acts as a very good astringent for the oily skin. You can keep it for 15 minutes on the face and then wash it off with some warm water.

You can also use a clay mask at home and apply it on the face, once it is dried wash it off with water. This helps in drawing out the excess water from the affected area. Tomatoes are also an excellent source for getting rid of the excessive oil from the skin.

Make a puree of one egg white and mix it with one teaspoon of lemon juice, mint and half a cucumber and apply it on your face and let it stay there for about 15 minutes. Then rinse it off. This will help to keep the skin oil free for some time.

You can also make a face mask by mixing tomato, lemon juice and oats and apply it on the cheeks, forehead and the chin. Keep it for some time and then scrub the face with some warm water. This helps in removing the blemishes from the oily skin, which can be caused by the breakouts.

If you have a problem of pimples or any form of acne then neem leaves can be very effective as they have antiseptic properties in them. Make a paste of neem leaves and apply it on the affected area and then wash it after half an hour.

You can use a few drops of eau de cologne in bath water as this will help to remove the excessive oiliness from the skin. This helps in refining the pores of the skin, which at times acts like as an astringent.

Cucumber is also effective in treating oily skin. You just have to blend a cucumber and put it in a freezer to chill it. Apply this on the face and wash it with cold water after about 15 minutes.

Oiliness can be kept under control with the right diet as well. Remember that your diet should include a lot of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits content. Avoid a lot of sugar and high fat content diet and junk food as to be completely avoided as much as possible. The diet has to be supplemented by wheat germ, nutritional yeast and a lot of whole grains. Remember to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water as this helps in flushing out the toxins from the body.