Microlipoinjection (Fat Transfer)

wrinkle-cream Wrinkles and scars can be treated with the use of various solutions which are available these days. Problems especially those related to health have been already increased in number and so have their treatments.

Just like the diseases which are there is large quantities the various treatments are available even for a single disease. Therefore it’s not in the hands of the patient to decide about the most effective one. It’s difficult for the doctor even at least till the moment the patient takes the detection test. In any case there are some treatments which are effective and mild and can treat various problems. One of it is the fat transfer therapy which is known are Microlipoinjection. This treatment is based on the method of treating the person’s skin problems by taking fat from his/her own body.

After the practice of various researchers it was found that the best way of filling the fine lines on the face and even the wrinkles the best material is the fat which is taken from the patient’s body. Body fat acts like a healing solution which can fill in the wounds etc. Most of the hollow portions of the skin can be coved using this fat and it is also useful for enhancing the shape and texture of that particular area of the skin.

Another name for the Microlipoinjection or fat transfer is autologous fat which is generally used as filler for the highlighted feature of the patient’s face. It is a transfer of fat as the fat which is coming from that body is almost going back to it. There is one advantage of this treatment which is that the body which is being treated by this solution cannot develop any kind of allergy inside the body because of the similar components which means that the same fat is moving inside. It helps in treating the problem of aging also. The transfer procedure is performed on the face and it is also considered as a safe one. Other areas where the treatment works effectively are the lips, chin, lower portion of the eyes and cheeks etc.

Extraction of the fat is done as a specific task and is named as liposuction. This procedure is performed for getting the fatty material from the other parts of your body which can be your thighs and abdomen and then it is transferred to where it needs reshaping.

It has been detected recently that the basic reason behind the wrinkles and skin aging loss of skin. It was believed earlier that aging is caused due to lax skin. The loss of fat results in causing wrinkles and this is through the tissues of the skin which are under the layer of skin of the face. The fat on the skin starts disappearing and this is from some specific portions like chin, cheeks and lips. It also moves downward towards the jowls. For treating all these problems Microlipoinjection or fat transfer is an effective solution. It helps in curing the problem and even in energizing the skin pores etc. Microlipoinjection is sometimes called as skin grafting.

There are some body parts which cannot be treated properly with fat transfer or may be these areas cannot be treated with it like breast. It cannot be done because it can create complications in the procedure for detecting the cause for breast cancer or other related diseases.

Microlipoinjection is an effective treatment for the below mentioned situations:

1. Lines which are generally highlighted on the cheeks get invisible.

2. Corrects all the problems related to wrinkles.

3. Cures laughter lines very quickly.

4. Treats superficial wrinkles almost completely.

There are cases where the patient complaint about bruising and some sort of swelling right after the treatment is over but these can be cured easily with the intake or application of medicines. It requires great care and protection while performing the process as it can directly affect the fat cells and may result in causing harm if surrounding areas.