summer-skin-care-300x246 Mesotherapy is a one of the most famous and demanded treatments for treating the problem of increasing fat of the body.  It comes into the category of skin treatments but sometimes is mistaken as a surgical method. But to clarify the doubts of many people we would like to tell you the truth that mesotheraphy is not a procedure of skin treatment where any kind of surgical methods are used.

Some use of injections is definitely there but they are of different substances which include some medications, extracts of plants, herbs and vitamins. These injections are not absolutely chemical based. They are basically required and used for breaking the fat which is clogged like layers on the skin’s internal portions and areas. It helps a lot in breaking the fatty cells. What happens is our body is in a habit of taking everything inside especially our skin so whatever fat is taken by use gets absorbed by the different layers of our body. The layer starts increasing day by day and results in making a sculptured body.

Different forms and types of mesotherapy are available and the decision about what treatment would be the best for you depends directly on your skin type and texture and your internal health and structure.

The procedure of mesotherapy is really very simple and easy. Only the portions and areas that are affected are the target of the treatment. No other part of the body would get affected by whatever you are taking for treating your problem. Intake is with the vitamins which are injected in the body by only on the areas which are affected. The process continues for around 1 hour and the time duration would again depend on the areas being given this treatment.

It will only give a kind of slight swelling around the portion being injected and this would again stay for sometime and then the patient would get back to his or her normal daily chores. So even after taking the treatment through an injection the person does not feels that much affected. He’ll feel a bit uncomfortable but immediately after the end of the treatment procedure he can easily return to his work.

According to the researches a normal person who is willing to treat his cellulite problem would have to continue taking this session of treatment for at least 9 or 10 times. Only after this he will be able to witness good results. One should keep a gap of around one or two weeks between the sessions. Along side there are certain precautions which are needed to be taken. One such is that the patient has to maintain a proper diet schedule and a routine for doing regular exercises. Both of them are helpful in supporting the treatments and providing effective results that would last longer.

Historical facts about the treatment:

The discovery of the treatment was done in the early years of 1950 and the person who gave and effect to the various researches is Dr. Michel Pistor. The treatment earlier was simply regarded as a skin treatment but was assigned a proper name by the French press in the year 1952. Only after this time the treatment started gaining more and more popularity and came into practice very frequently. It was spread through out the world in the early years and later on all the cities of South America and Europe started using the therapy easily with security and comfort.

Even after such popularity and use the doctor’s practicing this treatment has to face various medical criticisms and controversies especially in cases where patient’s are from rural areas who don’t trust on any kind of treatment easily. Though every person nowadays knows some facts about mesotherapy but only a few from them have complete confidence to undergo it and get rid of the problems effectively. Not just this, the patient gets an additional benefit of making his skin much more smooth and comfortable. It fills in a unique energy in the skin.