Marriage Is In Trouble – Signs Of Alarm

Infidelity in marriages, separation of married couples or divorce is neither new nor uncommon. But it must be remembered that no relationship becomes bad in just a day or two.

A marriage becomes weak after it suffers problems for a significant amount of time. So, it’s not possible that when there are problems or issues in a marriage there will be no sign of it at all. Yes, there are signs of trouble in difficult marriages which are quite visible. But mostly couples tend to ignore these signs of warning and unknowingly head towards deeper troubles in the relationship.

If a person learns to recognize and understand the signs of warning of his/her marriage, then he/she can take suitable action to eradicate the problems. In case if the signs are ignored and the problems remain unattended, then they tend to take a major shape which may turn serious and harmful to the marriage.

The most common sign of trouble in a marriage is silence of your partner. Your wife may look and act upset but on asking may not give you a proper answer. So, notice if she says “nothing” to you when you ask her about the problem for which she is looking upset. Or, if she answers to any of your statements, suggestions, information with a simple “ok” or “fine”.

When a woman gives such answers to any question and that too in a silent manner and in an almost inaudible voice, then there is a problem bothering her. Even if she is apparently looking silent, a huge storm may be tormenting her inside. If at that point you notice her minutely, you will understand from her body language that something is different and not fine.

Does your partner avoid going to bed with you? If your partner has been making excuses or staying up late to avoid going to bed at the same time with you, then this is a very dangerous sign. Your partner is doing so to avoid intimacy with you which is not at all a healthy sign for a marriage.

Another alarming sign that you may notice is a significant change in the social habits, matters related to the appearance of your partner or ways of enjoyment. Your partner may also have frequent and noticeable mood swings. These may hint at your partner’s depression which may be a threat to your marriage.