Makeup Concealers – How To Apply

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The most important and difficult part in the application of makeup is using of concealer as the eyes and the lips can still look presentable without makeup but an uneven textured skin may not look good. Concealers come in the category of base makeup, they are very important in case of blemishes, scars or marks. The flawless look can only be achieved if proper care and attention is paid on how the concealer is being used; this includes proper selection of concealer and application of it as well.


Concealers are makeup products which help in concealing or covering any kind of scars or marks on the face as well as on the whole body, in other words it lightens the dark areas and blends in brightness, erases spots, evens-out skin tone and makes the skin look flaw-free. concealers not only help in covering scars and marks but also helps as base makeup it can be used as a replacement for foundation as well, concealers smoothens the texture of skin and gives it a beautiful natural skin look.

Concealers in the market are available in many forms for example liquid, paste (generally available in tubes), powdered, and creams etc. concealers are available in many shades and forms so before buying a concealer we should keep in mind the texture and the type of skin on which the concealer is going to be used on, different types of concealers are available in the market depending upon the usage example makeup concealer, under eye concealer, body concealer etc.

Concealer – how to apply

The application of the concealer generally depend upon the usage if the concealer is just used to brighten the skin glow and to provide flaw free skin then little amount of foundation can be used with the concealer as to give it a base makeup look, after mixing the foundation with the concealer a proper makeup base will be prepared and application of it evenly will make the skin look naturally well textured.

In case the concealer is being applied as a tool to cover blemishes, firstly we should make sure that the face should be cleaned with water, after the face is dried we should apply the concealer with the help of a sponge little amount of concealer should be taken in a sponge and should be applied properly on the specified areas with blemishes, after the application of concealer on blemishes the concealer should be properly blended with the skin tone so that it does not give an artificial look.

Concealer generally may tend to look artificial if not used in small quantity and if it is not blended properly eith skin. A concealer if applied properly acts as a invisible long-wearing coverage for all blemishes of skin.

There are colored concealers available in the market which helps smoothen the texture of diferrent skin colors or skin tones to look natural it is very important to match the concealer with your respective skin tone as incase the concealer is of different shade the skin may tend to look artificial which does not look presentable. a yellow concealer may help in covering bluish discoloration , a color correcting makeup conceaker in green may help to downplay or hide redness or reddish discoloration. Many more types of concealers are available in the markets which help as solution to unwanted blemishes.

Concealers which are used to conceal or hide dark circles are known as under eye concealers they are also mainly used to offset the skin imperfections in case the skin on which the concealer is being applied is sensitive then the concealer with pure mineral pigment color should be chosen that is it should have no dyes, oil, starch etc.

The areas or pigmentation to be covered may be intense in this case the concealer should be applied with the help of a sponge which may be dried or even wet. a neutral under eye concealer will help in proper covering of under eye dark circles, for this again proper blend of concealer with the skin has to be kept in mind.

Most suitable concealer

A concealer which is light weight yet creamy should be chosen, a quality concealer is texture free, vitamin enriched and virtually invisible. The best concealer helps in hiding or covering blemishes without looking artificial. concealers should be applied in case the skin is to patchy.