Make your teen expert in discharging the routine duties of life successfully

teen expert routine duties Your teenage child might be very sincere and prompt in doing the regularly assigned household works but it doesn’t mean that with his limited skills, he would efficiently handle other duties of his life.

For this, you would have to take an initiative as a mother or father and must start teaching him about the routine obligations of life.

This is also important for your teenager because when he will complete his education and begin earning, he would successfully prove himself as a responsible individual not only at home but even at professional and social levels.

Let us discuss some of the commonest routine duties of life which your teenager should practice:

Maintaining cleanliness

A majority of people think that cleanliness means just to take proper bath and wear clean clothes. But cleanliness has a broader meaning.

If you are maintaining cleanliness then you are not only expected to keep your body and clothes clean but your ambience should also not contain any type of dirt and filth. This is how you would be able to maintain hygiene in your surrounding which is must for your good health.

Hence, let your teen first begin his cleanliness lessons by cleaning keeping his belongings clean. Ask him to completely clean his room once a week and regularly keep his computer, study table and books free from dust and dirt.

Similarly, teach him how to operate washing machine so that he could wash his clothes. In the weekends, ask him to help you cleaning the house.

How to cook food?

If for some reason, all of your family members are away from home for a couple of days and you are feeling hungry then what you will do?

Certainly, either you will go out and take meal in any good restaurant or you will decide to cook your favorite dish at home.

Usually those who can cook prefer to utilize their cooking skills in the kitchen because they know that daily consumption of fatty, spicy and junk food will directly affect their health conditions.

Therefore, ask your teenage child to spend some time in learning the art of cooking during his holidays.

How to buy routine household and grocery items within allotted budget?

Your teenager should know how to do household shopping within given budget. So, the best way is to take him to any supermarket where you go frequently and hand him a list of items you want.

Tell him your budget and let him pick the brands of his choice. Meanwhile, you too pick the same items which carry the brand you usually prefer.

Then see whether your teenager has selected the quality items within given budget or not.

If not then show the items you have selected and tell him why they are better.

This is how, your teenager will learn to compare the prices, quality and other specific things of items before doing the right household purchasing.

Yogesh Mishra