Make Your Garden Sing

gardenarea If you just flip across the pages of the gardening books, you would come across a lot of beautiful garden pictures. The looks may look glamorous to you.  Real gardens reveal a different picture. They reveal the senses like touch, feel, hear and smell. You can make your garden sing by assuring all these senses when you plan your plants, thereafter you can have the richest experience when you step into your garden. 

Give a thought about the textures what you have seen in some other gardens; the Inula-hookeri, the Stachys- byzantina, or the waving flowering stems. You can simply touch and feel them as you stroll along your beautiful garden.

Some rough textures in your garden may also add to the beauty of your garden. The gunnera leaves and stems, and the “baby-hair” are the ones which you can straight away think of.

Some cushion plants namely mossy saxifrages and bolax-glebaria would further make your garden gorgeous and dazzling. Side by side keeping those thorny plants is also charming and interesting. Keeping the yuccas and the agaves would definitely challenge you not to lay a hand on them.

Will you not love to hear your garden sing? Certainly you would!  Make sure that you come up with a nice little bamboo grove. The whistle and whoosh of the leaves would definitely tempt you to visit the bamboo grove often. You would definitely love to push yourself through the springy stems. The bamboo leaves are ready with droplets on it. It makes you wet while you make your way through the grove- a really good feeling. Your lovely garden would surely attract beautiful birds that would sing and dance to their tune.

One of the most powerful sensations of a garden is its smell. You can choose plants which require some rubbing wherein the smell gets released once more.

To enjoy your garden in totality, you can just throw off your shoes and socks, and just go barefoot. Feel the nature from the very first step you take. You would start loving your garden too.