Make Your First Sexual Encounter Exciting And Pleasurable

having-sex-standing-up While going to encounter sex for the first time you may be filled with curiosity about what exactly sex feels like besides having numerous other queries in your mind.

You may be filled with apprehension about whether you will look ugly without clothes. Though nervousness and fear are quite natural for beginners yet it is necessary to ensure proper communication with sexual partners if you want to proceed towards sexual intimacy.

Here are some important tips for those who are about to experience sex for the first time.  All these tips will help them make their sex session highly pleasurable.

Relaxation is necessary to ensure successful sexual encounter. Go for having sex only when both you as well as your partner are relaxed. You can have sex either at break of dawn or any other time you want. What is more important than fixing the time is that you have to spare a lot of time for having sex for the first time. It would be better if you spend the whole day with your partner.

So, what to do if you have not experienced sex earlier? The friendship between both of you has turned into a loving relationship and now both of you want to carry your relationship forward into a new direction. Therefore, make mental preparations for the steps that are important in your loving relationship.

First of all make up your mind for going ahead with your new relationship. Choose a place where both of you can comfortably enjoy lovemaking.  Avoid back seat of car or other four wheelers as it can not enhance your sensation.

You have to take into considerations various other aspects such as whether sexual relationship between you and your partner is legal or illicit.  Think about contraceptive measures besides considering safety from sexually transmitted diseases.  The consideration of safety measures is very essential particularly if one of you had already lost virginity.

Now you can go ahead with your plan to experience a unique bliss and pleasure.  Do not have an element of fear in your mind as it can affect your pleasure and enjoyment.

Do not stop communication especially while both of you are sexually excited and stimulated. Candidly tell your sexual partner that it is going to be a first sexual intimacy for you.

Both of you may feel pressure of having full sexual intercourse in the beginning but consider having mutual masturbation before going for vaginal intercourse.

Enjoy the pleasure of foreplay through fondling and kissing of boobs, gentle touch on sensitive areas, licking of genitals and stimulation of clitoris with the use of tongue and finger. Giving oral sex to female sexual partner can be immensely pleasurable experience as the taste and smell of close sexual contact can be highly stimulating. Now enjoy the pleasure of vaginal penetration. Make sure that the vagina is well lubricated.  Adopt different sexual postures to make sexual intimacy exciting.