Low Calorie Italian Food

Most people throughout the world love to eat Italian food but it is not considered suitable for the health conscious and those who are trying to lose weight. Thus, people who want to stick of low calorie and low carb diet often stay away from it. It is true that the most popular Italian dishes consist of large amounts of bread and pasta. But if you love Italian food, but want low calorie food, there are a few options available for you as well. Many of the Italian dishes are centered around herbs, fresh veggies and olive oil, but are as tasty as pizza and pasta. Let us take a look at some of these options:

Appetizers And Starters

When it comes to low-calorie Italian food, the best place to look for is in antipasto course. Antipasto means before meal and comprises of various appetizers and starters that can work as a complete meal in themselves. Different pickled and marinated vegetables serve as great low calorie appetizers. Deviled eggs, salads as well as stuffed peppers and tomatoes work well in this category. Also, avoid salad dressings and dips as much as possible. Alternatively, go for olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressings.


Italian salads are great options when it comes to low-carb diets. However, make sure to avoid salads containing bread and pasta. Italian salads can be eaten either as a meal in its own as well as a side dish. Try orange and fennel salad to get a unique taste. Even regular vegetables, olive and grilled peppers can make amazing dishes if combined with Italian seasonings and herbs.


Italian soups are self-sufficient enough to be eaten as a complete meal or along with a fresh salad. Go for soups containing fresh vegetables and avoid those containing pastas. Some good options include tomato and basil soup, and broccoli soup. Lentils, chickpeas and bean soups are also good options.


Frittatas are Italian version of Omelet and are served are cutting in the form of wedges. They are flavored with various ingredients such as chicken, salami, herbs or vegetables.


For low calorie desserts, fruits in baked as well as fresh form such as salad are the best options. Another low-carb dessert is gelato which is not only delicious but also doesn’t add to your weight.