Loving the Wavy Hair

Women with wavy hair shell out so many bucks to get straight hair, which is again not a permanent solution. The reason to crave for straight hair is that bold, sexy styles fit only on such hair.

Straight hairs are also easily manageable. But what if there are tips to manage and style with wavy hair as well so much so that you will just love to have that lovely bouncy hair playing around you.

First of all it’s very important to find an experienced and good hair specialist. Whenever a wavy haired girl asks the hair stylist regarding what styles she can flaunt she is usually disheartened to hear that her hair can’t be styled beyond a step or a U or V cut.

But an experienced hair stylist can actually experiment with wavy hair to make it look much more stylish. One should remember that wavy hair shouldn’t be fussed with much as they get into tangles more easily.

Proper grooming is very important as split ends are often not noticed until it’s late. Restricting oneself to few products like a good shampoo and conditioner is better. Its’ better to air dry the hair rather than heat drying them as air dying leaves the hair rough.

Wavy hair can give a lovely careless look and simply tying it with a bandana looks wonderfully trendy.A short bob style looks cute on natural short curls and if the hair is long and bouncy a step cut looks best.

The best thing about wavy hair is that it has so much of natural bounces that can be accentuated with the proper styles. Using hair dyes that suit the skin color can give a very trendy and stylish look.

Why it’s important to go to an experienced hair specialist is that he or she should understand the setting of the curls to style them accordingly to suit one’s face. One must be able to do the proper justice to wavy hair as this is a type of hair which holds the possibilities of lot of experimenting.

People go for artificial curls whereas the wavy haired has them naturally. Therefore, love your wavy hair and take good care of it, play with it and style with it the way you want, as wavy hair gives you the most freedom. It’s your lovely asset.