Look Slim With Your Wardrobe

Fashion can be used to your advantage to make you look slim; it all depends on how well you can use the fashion tricks to give the look you want. There are times when you tend to gain a few pounds due to a birthday party or perhaps not finding enough time to do your exercise. Whatever may be the reason, you have to be presentable with a slim and trim body. Camouflage your extra pounds with visual illusion such as colors and clothing tricks that can visibly hide a few extra pounds. What are you waiting for? To look slim, follow these wardrobe tricks and look great.

Accentuate your waist:

You can emphasize your waist line with a belt .It adds a feminine touch and creates shape. Black or brown belt will pair well with any wardrobe. The dress that accentuates the waist is the wrap top; have them in your closet.

Flatter your figure:

If you desire to look slim, go for boot cuts jeans. A boot cut style flatters your figure; wear it with pointed toe shoes.

Wear dark colors:

Dark colors such as black, red, chocolate are great to enhance your looks and to give you an over all slim effect. For a lean look try clothing all in one color. Colors falling in the same stream such as black and grey can look great for a night out fit.

Wear fitting dress:

The most significant in slimming clothes is to wear a fitting dress, regardless of your size. Loose clothing gives a bulky body contour, whereas if you wear a  small outfit, you look big for them and you appear heavier.

Camouflage with design:

Have a few dresses in your wardrobe, in vertical design to hide your extra pounds and to make you look longer and leaner. If you are concerned of your wide hips, camouflage it with shoulder pads and wide neck lines. It balances your wide hips.

Bring a balance in your attire:

If you are dressed in a well fitted top, pair with flared trousers or boot cut jeans. On the other hand if you are wearing skinny jeans, match it with a loose fitting top.Follow these tricks with good planning to look and feel great. Find time to have a slim figure through exercise and diet.