Know how to look sexually attractive

sexually-attractive Your figure cannot be enough to make you sexually attractive unless and until you think sexy. So always remember that it is your mental make-up which also plays a crucial role in giving you a sex appeal.

You cannot derive the pleasure of sex to the utmost if you are hesitant of displaying your nude body, in front of your partner. Come in front of your men in lingerie without having an element of apprehension about negative reaction from him.

Also think positive about your body and consider sex as an inevitable part of your relationship so as to enjoy pleasure of lovemaking and come closer to your partner.

Explore your body

You cannot always expect your partner to have knowledge about the tips to please you. Spare time for exploring your genitalia, clit, vulva and vagina. Women performing masturbation are more likely to experience better orgasm than those who do not masturbate.
So, you must spare time for yourself to explore what can be most pleasurable to you and what you can expect your partner for arousing and stimulating you. Some women take more time to reach orgasm while others experience this sexual bliss soon.

Know your own body expressions

Most of women fantasize about sexual intimacy after watching sex scenes in movies. But on contrary you cannot find sex so perfect when it comes to performing on your own till you and your partner are aware of the methods make your sexual intimacy and togetherness pleasurable and blissful.

Most of women are apprehensive of losing control during orgasm. They are usually under fear that their partners may find their actions like peeing, gasping and making unusual sounds awkward and improper.
However, in order to derive utmost sexual bliss and pleasure you must cut loose and freely express your saturation and satisfaction. Your partner will certainly admire your moans and groans since his sexual satisfaction lies on your pleasure.

Derive pleasure of having sex

Do you feel sad or lonely or find yourself confused after sexual encounter? If you feel bad after having sex you must consider making some radical changes. If you seriously consider your problem you will come to know that your purpose of performing sex with your partner may be beyond pleasure.

Perhaps you want yourself to be loved or want your partner to be with you for sometime. But this will not strengthen your sexual relations with your partner. If you seriously want to make your sexual intimacy an enjoyable experience then you must encourage yourself to come closer to your partner. You will certainly experience quality sexual intimacy which in turn will make you feel and look sexually appealing.