Look Feminine With Curly Hairstyles

curly-hair Hair- the most treasured asset of a woman! Having good quality and volume of hair can really make a difference to one’s look. This is the reason why people, especially women put all their effort to make their hair look great. And when it’s about making hair look great, the curly hairstyle comes to my mind first. Yes, I think the curly hair style has the potential to enhance the feminine look in women. What more we need?  Let’s see what curly hairstyle is all about?

How to curl your hair?

Here I would tell you the basic steps to curl the hair. The steps might vary a bit here and there according to the type, length and texture of hair.

For those, who have short straight hair, they can use the curling iron, which should have a 1-inch barrel. Make sure that when you are curling your hair, you have to tuck in the end of the hair.  Or else the curls would flip out, which might not give you the right look.

For more definition to the curls, you can rub some wax or pomade through the hair with the help of both your palms. These days, you will find several hairsprays available for this purpose.

If you have medium size or long hair, then get ready to put a bit more effort to get those perfect curls. Many think that long hair could not hold tight curls and waves. However, I believe the curls get the right look only in long hair for which you need to know the tricks.

Here, you have to use some hot rollers to get curls on straight and long hair. You have to use the rollers from 10-20 minutes according to the requirement. Before you wrap your hair into the roller, use a hair spray which will give the perfect curls. In case you have very straight hair, use a hard spray.