lipoatrophy-treatment Lipoatrophy is a term related to medical. It is a term related to loss of fats from the face and other areas of the body.  This is usually arises in the face. It is mainly seen as the main symptom behind the lipodystrophy syndrome.

The area included in the body such as upper arms, legs, thighs, buttocks etc.  It can be caused due to HIV antiviral treatments as well as they are caused by the energy providing components in the body and they are known as body’s fat cells. There is a reason behind thinness in the fatty tissues. This results in the dead cells which are under the skin. This Lipoatrophy results in the loss of fats, sunken cheeks, loss of fat in the various body parts such as nose, mouth, eye areas etc. another very essential part is from the soles of the feet. Mitochondrion has been shown to damage the healthy cells.

D4T and AZT are the drugs that affect the way in the cellular level of the fat cell. As D4T damage the important and conscious cell around the body as it may damages these cells at an earlier stage or in the beginning. D4T results and also leads to Lipoatrophy. It is much more difficult than that by AZT.

D4T has another name called stavudine which has a brand name known as Zerit and AZT is called by Zidovudine with a brand name Retrovir. Tablets like Combivir, Atripla, Trizivir are used in daily life contains and are full of numerous types of drugs. Some of the reports have a deeper study regarding risk taken at higher rate of D4T and AZT that they are used with protease inhibitors as they contain higher amount of drugs. If you get a cure with Lipoatrophy at a very first stage or first symptom, it will reverse the problem of losing fat. To become it noticeable the loss of fat is likely to take at least six to seven months as it can also results in the loss of fats in the area like limbs, thighs etc.

The amazing fact in Lipoatrophy is this that all their developers were females. The fact regarding mechanism that causes Lipoatrophy is not known as this is due the local immune system. Lipoatrophy is a permanent although it has been reported by some patients.

Autologous fat transfer is a Coleman technique. This technique is invented before New – fill. In this technique fats are collected from one part of the body usually from the stomach and this fat is mainly transplanted to the face. All the fats containing in the body are not suitable for the process of transplantation for example – fats collected in the shoulder pads are not suitable for transplanting which is not reversible with liposuction.

The surveys conducted among the people tell that most of them are reluctant to take HIV treatment. It is always recommended that Lipoatrophy is not at all life threatening but it is always recommended that it should not be used as an unimportant thing. But Lipoatrophy can be affected to those affecting self confidence, self esteem as it can cause more troubling situation of peoples suffering from HIV which is a long term case.

You can also cure or treat Lipoatrophy by several approaches by taking natural facial filters and some of the recommended nutritional supplements.

For good and healthy diet regular exercise are important in helping people as they can help your total diet by developing muscle mass in some of the areas where fats has already been lost like that in legs, arms, and buttocks etc. regarding the nutritional value there are various supplements which have a great research from the point of view that they can gain fat gain. You can also reverse the arm and leg Lipoatrophy by taking D4T and AZT. To fill hollowness in the face such as those caused by Lipoatrophy as facial fillers are surgical and injected. Somehow these fillers are permanent, semi permanent and temporary. All the fillers have some or the other minus and plus points. Some of the doctors and researchers have also suggested that permanent fillers are not more durable rather than that of semi permanent or temporary fillers.


  • Lliki

    I have for “dents” or lipoatrophy sites on my body from a medicine I was taking for MS. I keep reading about info related to lipoatropy for AIDS patients, but would like to find out more about treatment on the body, not the face. Is there any permanent filler? Please let me know where I can find out more info. Thanks.