Lime Juice as a Home Remedy

Lime Juice in Our Kitchen

In our day to day life we have become so much conscious about our health that even for small problems we consult our doctor and take medicines to get rid of that problem as early as possible. Even the minor headache which will subside by its own but we don’t want to tolerate and take medicines which have other side effects. In our kitchen there are so many home remedies which help us in our health related problems. One of those kitchen remedies is the lemon who is considered as the king of all the home remedies.

Properties of Lemon Juice

Lime juice consist of ascorbic acid i.e. Vitamin C. Lime juice has the property to fight against any infection so it acts as an antibacterial. Lime juice slows down the process of oxidation so acts as an anti – oxidant. Lime juice neutralizes the toxic effects of the food which we eat so acts as detoxifier. Lime juice prevents the formation of the caries on the bones and teeth so it is an anti – carcinogenic. Everybody must read this article as lime juice improves our health and we know the saying “Health is Wealth”.

Uses of Lime Juice

The most important use of the lime juice is that it burns the fats therefore reducing the obesity. In the morning you must take a glass of warm water mixed with one table spoon of honey and juice of one whole lime.
If your stomach is upset and bowels do not clear that means you are suffering from the constipation. In that case, take one glass of Luke warm water and add one whole lime juice and drink it. Repeat it in every four hours. Do not forget to take it before going to bed also.
In case of mouth ulcers too lime juice is helpful.
The skin of lemon if scrubbed on the face daily for three to four minutes can make it glow beautifully.
The aging process of our skin is also slowed down by applying lemon juice with little curd on face daily.
If you fill tired then you can become fresh by taking fresh lime juice with little salt and sugar in a glass of cold water.
Lime juice instead of face wash can be applied on the face.
In case of dandruff, apply lime juice on the scalp thrice a week and then search for the dandruff you will fail to find it on your scalp.
Lime juice also cures osteoporosis and other bony disorders such as rheumatism, etc.