Laughter Therapy Benefits

Laughter is one of the best things in life which keeps one happy and mentally fit and therefore also physically fit. Laughter is an overt manifestation of an inner feeling of extreme joy, fun and happiness.

Laughter can also arise from humour. It’s one of the best ways of relieving one from stress and tension. Laughter is an essential part of one’s lifestyle as it ensures one to have a balance in life by easing work and daily tensions.

Laughter can also be a means of social interaction, feeling of being in a group and social acceptance along with a pleasant sensation which has an emotional side attached as well. On the whole laughter in most cases for normally functioning human beings is a very positive and healthy form of behaviour.

According to health professionals laughter is a very effective means of dealing with a lot of ailments. Laughter has a direct relation with the brain functioning and it is claimed that endorphins which are responsible for making one happy and also to relieve pain are released due to laughter. Various social groups perform laughter therapy together all over the world and as laughter is said to be infectious its best performed in a group situation.

Laughter therapy is very effective with terminally ill patients who can rather than feeling depressed and shortening their life can fight back by bringing happiness and strengthening their immune system thereby lengthening their life as much as possible.

To deal with stress and also to cope well with pressures and depressing situations laughter plays an effective role as adrenalin and Dopamine both are reduced thereby controlling heart rate and making one feel relaxed and calm.

Laughter therapy has the power to increase one’s stamina and also make way for increased oxygen intake thereby making the individual feel energized and refreshed. Laughter has an overall positive effect on the mind and body by controlling chronic diseases, relaxing muscles, exercising the cardiac muscles, managing pain, relieving stress and tensions, controlling blood pressure, easing respiratory problems and making the person feel happy and content.

Life consists of ups and downs and rather than trying to escape the problems or being stressed and depressed with the various pressures its best to deal with situations as they come. Laughter is the most easy yet best way of dealing with life and making it most meaningful.