Know How To Delay Ejaculation

premature-eejaculation Most of men while having vaginal intercourse, involuntarily and prematurely ejaculate prior to orgasm of their female partners. Premature ejaculation can be highly frustrating and embarrassing for men as it causes disruption in their sexual activities leaving their partners sexually unsatisfied.

If you are occasionally or infrequently ejaculating before expected time during intercourse you should not worry. However, if you are prematurely ejaculating every time you have a sexual intercourse, you must see a doctor or sex therapist for remedial measures.

Sexual therapy and psychotherapy can be beneficial for men experiencing premature ejaculation at the time of sexual intercourse. Sometimes therapies along with medications are recommended to delay men’s orgasm.

Sexual therapy

Masturbation is an important part of sexual therapy. Your sex therapist may advise you to masturbate minimum two hours before you go for vaginal intercourse. Masturbation prior to intercourse may help you avoid premature ejaculation and delay your orgasm.

Your sex therapist may also advise you to indulge in other types of sexual activity and avoid direct intercourse at a time so that you can help yourself control your sexual impulses and prepare for actual sexual encounters.

The squeeze technique

Your doctor may advise you and your partner to adopt squeeze technique for having sexual intercourse. You can perform sex with squeeze technique in following steps:

Go ahead with sexual intercourse as usual stimulating your penis till it gets ready for ejaculation and seminal discharge.

When you feel like ejaculating tell your partner to hold your penis, squeezing its gland-like structure for some seconds till your urge for ejaculation goes away.

After release of squeeze, take a break for about half a minute and then switch over to foreplay. You may notice moderate or slight erection in your penis after squeezing. But with resumption of sexual stimulation your penis comes back to full erection.

If you are again feeling like ejaculating, ask your partner repeat the method of squeezing. With repeated squeezing you will be able to delay your ejaculation.


Premature ejaculation can be treated with certain antidepressants or application of topical anesthetic creams. The side effects of antidepressants help you prolong your sexual activity besides delaying orgasm. The use of topical anesthetic creams cause dullness in sensation on the penis resulting in delayed ejaculation.