Know How To Deal With Gall Bladder Symptoms

gall-bladder-disease-300x197 The gallbladder, also called cholecyst is a small organ existing near liver and resembling a pear. Its function is to provide support and boost the digestive process by storing bile that is produced in the liver and then supplying it into the small intestine.

There can be a variety of health problems and conditions related to gall bladder. Gallstones, inflammatory gall bladder and acute pain in abdomen (called colic) are some of the problems involving gall bladder.

One of the commonly found problems associating gallbladder is gallstone which often leads to other conditions like jaundice and colic. In absence of timely treatment gallstones may prove to be dangerous for health as they may slowdown or even obstruct the digestive passage for bile flow making the digestive process difficult and painful.

The right portion of the chest becomes very painful because of the gallbladder problems. A person with gallstones may feel nausea and vomiting besides having other symptoms like gas and belching. Persons with gallbladder symptoms have to bend over while walking because of severe pain.

What to do to deal with painful symptoms?

The first and foremost requirement to get relief from painful symptoms of gallbladder is to change the food habits and take a balanced diet. Avoid taking greasy and fatty foods. Your diet must comprise fruits and vegetables.

Increase fiber intake besides taking plenty of water so as to avoid constipation. Remember that proper nutrition is very essential to deal with the painful symptoms of gall bladder.

Another important requirement to reduce gallbladder symptoms is to do regular exercises. Even walking and jogging every day would be of much help to get relief from gallbladder symptoms.

You can also have an option of taking some common vitamins and products that are available over the counter to deal with the symptoms of gallbladder.

Following are some over the counter products:


Quercitin (also called flavonoid) can not only provide your relief from inflammation but can also improve your immune system besides strengthening your blood circulation. Take 500 mg Quercitin twice a day. Quercitin also helps prevent allergy symptoms by blocking the release of histamines.


Take 100 mg Bromellain two times every day for improving the absorption of Quercetin.


You can ensure a healthy cholesterol level with the help of Sytrinol. Sytrinol reduces triglycerides besides bringing down the levels of low-density lipoprotein in your body.


Your body requires Zinc for improvement and maintenance of healthy tissues. Zinc can also help your body in resisting diseases.

Vitamin E

Your heart and other body muscles get Oxygen supply with the help of Vitamin E. Apart from speeding up healing of wounds Vitamin E boosts the immune system.

Amino Acid

Amino Acid ensures regulation of growth and digestion. It also maintains the immune system.

Yogesh Mishra