Know How Sex Benefits Your Health

sex Sexual activity is not confined to just procreation and pleasure; rather it is also beneficial in maintaining good health of men and women.

The risk of heart attack or stroke in men is reduced by 50 per cent if they continue to have sex at least thrice a week. How important sex is in relationship particularly that of a couple is a universally known fact.

Regular sexual intercourse provides psychological as well as physiological benefits to the couple.

According to a research countless number of sexual encounters can help men live longer. Ever occasional sexual intercourse can provide numerous health benefits to men and women besides bringing mental happiness and peace to them.

Sex helps people particularly women to overcome depression. In addition to this regular sexual intercourse helps ease pain. So, sex can be described as a pain-killer.

The levels of oxytocin hormone go up just before attainment of orgasm, leading to release of endorphin- a neurochemical that reduces headache and migraine besides providing relief from arthritis pain.

Sexual intercourse also boosts immune system. An individual having sexual encounters thrice a week can gain 30 per cent increase in the level of antibody called immunoglobulin A which plays crucial role in boosting the immune system.

Sex also helps develop keen sense of smelling by enhancing the production of prolactin hormone. The increased level of prolactin after sex, leads to development of new neurons in olfactory bulb of brain thus resulting in the increase in sense of smelling.

Sex is also considered as an important tool to lose weight. It is one of the important methods of workouts.  Those having vigorous sexual intimacy can experience burning of around 200 calories which is equivalent to 15-minute of run on treadmill.

During sexual arousal and stimulation a person experiences increase in his or her heartbeat. Sex not only enhances production of testosterone but also helps tone up pelvis, thighs and buttocks besides strengthening arms and neck.

But one cannot get all such advantages and joy of sex if he or she is affected by sexual dysfunction. Men with problem of erectile dysfunction cannot get pleasure of intercourse as it will be difficult for them to maintain penile erection necessary for insertion into vagina. However, this problem can be solved through use of some specific drugs.