Know How Love Keeps You Happy And Healthy

exloverbackinlife You may wonder how love can positively influence your health. According to studies conducted on effect of love on emotional and  physical well being the happiness and delight coming out of love and affection can increase your longevity besides keeping you healthy and fit.

There have been proven benefits of love on men with angina (chest pain). Men with angina are susceptible to high blood pressure and other complications like high cholesterol and diabetes.

But a new research has found that intensity of angina in those loved by their wives was very low compared to those who felt that they were not loved by their wives at all.

Believe it or not feeling of affection and love can bring down your cholesterol level.

Love also influences the levels of dehydroepiandrosterone which is considered as an anti-aging hormone that makes one feel youth and energetic.

According to research, the feelings of being loved and cared decrease the aging process making a person look younger.

Not only romantic love that can benefit your health but also mere expression of care and concerns for others in society can be beneficial to health. A study reveals that a kind of support or help in the community can provide relief from pain, headaches and stress because of relaxation, easiness and release of endorphin.

Even affectionate hugging is considered good for heart. A study that was carried out on 38 couples sitting close and expressing sentiments to one another besides hugging, revealed that the levels of oxytocin which is known as bonding hormone went up in both men and women besides causing drop in the level of cortisol and lowering the blood pressure in all of them.

The lovemaking which is the most significant part of romantic relationship is beyond an exercise. A study that was conducted into benefits of lovemaking reveals that a man having sexual intercourse at least twice a week for the period of ten years can have better longevity than those occasionally having sexual intercourse.