Know How It Feels Having Sex In Water

Sex In Water If you are bored with same stereotypical way of performing sex in bed you can consider adding spice to your sex life by going for intercourse in water. But you must know that you and your partner cannot derive sexual pleasure and bliss from all types of water adventure.

Since intercourse during bathing can be a tricky one, you and your partner must get ready to overcome certain discomfort that may come before your sexual performance.

Stay wet

Although you may have enough moisture in your bathroom yet there is no guarantee that most intimate zones of your body will remain wet. The natural body lubrication may go away due to water and as a result you and your partner cannot enjoy vaginal penetration to the utmost.

Use of bubble bath or application of soaps and oils or other such chemicals can lead to irritation in soft and delicate vaginal tissue of your female sexual partner making her prone to thrush.

Therefore in order to ensure lubrication at the time of having fun in water you must consider using lubricants that cannot be dissolved in water.

Ensure safety of place

Drop the idea of having sex fun in bath tube considering its slippery surface. Make sure that while performing sex in bathroom you and your partner are getting enough support. Standing position for having intercourse can be quite pleasurable for you and your partner even as it may necessitate some maneuverability.

Make sure you have some support to have sex with your partner. Standing position is quite common in the bathroom though may require some maneuverability. Though you may opt for having intercourse in missionary position or doggy style you and your partner cannot derive immense sexual pleasure and bliss.

You may consider performing cunnilingus on your female partner as this will not only help arouse her but will also add to your sexual bliss.

Ensure sexual orientation in bathroom

In case you and your partner are not comfortable with sex during bathing you can consider using bathroom for performing only foreplay. Gently move your hand and finger on your partner’s back and breast with the help of soap foam. Also gently pat and strike on sexually hot zones of her body so as to turn the mood sexy.

Consider using contraception

Most people mistakenly believe that sex in water cannot lead to pregnancy. They are under impression that hotness in water prevents fertilization of egg by killing the sperm. They also go for unprotected sex by wrongly considering that it cannot lead to sexually transmitted diseases. But this is a wrong notion altogether.

Consider using condom as an effective contraceptive option. However, it can slip off your penis if you apply in water. If you are unsure about safety of safe sexual intercourse in water you would better go to the bedroom where you can have a variety of contraceptive options to prevent pregnancy.