Know About Skin Whitening

differentskintype Controversy has been hovering around the concept of skin whitening and the way the increasing number of people going for it. Apart from other issues, one of the main concerns regarding skin whitening is its consequential effect on the overall health. Though the research is going on to prove whether various methods of skin whitening is harmful to body and skin or not. Whatever is the case, we cannot wait until the research gives a green light to skin whitening.

Why to go for skin whitening artificially by using chemicals or surgery, when there are natural ways and ingredients are available. Here are some tips, which can bring the colour difference to your skin like various other chemical agents without any harmful effect.

The natural ingredients like potato, tomato, lemon, rice powder, orange peel etc are great natural bleach, which can bring noticeable result if you use them regularly in the following manner.

The most cheap and easy way to get a white complexion is to grind the dried orange peel and mix some curd with them to apply on face and on other body parts, wherever you want. Keep it for at least 10 minutes before you wash it off.

You won’t believe, if I say the grated tomato mixed up with few drops of lemon juice will give you spectacular result. Try and see.

Turmeric has great medicinal values. Mix up a spoon of turmeric powder along with half spoon of lemon juice and apply them. Here, I would personally suggest you to apply this pack at night. Wash it over before going to sleep.

Lemon is a wonderful fruit with wonderful qualities. In case you want to whiten some parts of your body like under arms then rub lemon every day before going to have your bath and see the result.

Whatever method you use for skin whitening, one basic thing has to be taken care of. Always remember to apply sun screen cream or lotion at least 20 minutes before you go out.