Know About Japanese Hairstyle

japanese-hairstyle From very exotic to plain and cute the Japanese hairstyle varies. Main feature of Japanese hairstyle is the front bangs parting. The main focus is given to the front part of the hair and the face to bring attention to the eyes. The Japanese hair styles are intended to dark hair colours as a contrast to the light skin complexion.

Popular Japanese hairstyles

The most popular hairstyle is the layered, straight down covering the faces to give a mysterious look. Ami and Yumi are two Japanese stars who sport this kind of hairstyle. Even U.S’s Hilary Duff use punky Japanese hairstyle and she looks pretty in that.  Japanese hairstyles are meant to compliment their skin colour. Most of the Japanese hairstyles are elegant and pretty.

Games and anime of Japan gives a wide range of hairstyles which looks great in even real people also. Let aside the crazy cartoon hairstyles but there are some easily obtainable hairstyles which gives pretty looks. The two cartoon characters Riona and Yuna offer two hairstyles different from each other.

Most of the Japanese haircuts have the tips of the hair curled inward. But slight outward curl also gives a different look.

Slightly coloured and short layered hairstyle is also an option to gat a dashing look. This hairstyle also gives the impression of a partial cover to the face. It is very easy to create this haircut.

The wedding hairstyle from a game has become very popular in Japan which gives an elegant and crisp look which many people have opted for their own wedding hairstyle and it has now become very common in Japanese weddings.

Maintenance tips

The Japanese hair colour is dark usually, so special care should be taken when one colours the hair light. It is not advisable to use light colours because it will not help in highlighting the features due to fair complexion. The base colour of the hair is removed to dye the hair in light colours to get the effects properly. So experts should be appointed for the task and maintain the hair with great care.