Is Your Baby Having Discolored Teeth? Know What To Do

discolored-baby-teeth You may be shocked to see discoloration of the teeth of your eight month old baby soon after they appeared. Discoloration of baby teeth which are also known as primary teeth is certainly a cause of worry for the parents.

The typically and originally off-white and ivory teeth in your baby may be losing original color for a variety of reasons.

Inadequate and incomplete brushing

The lack of proper brushing of your baby’s teen may lead to formation of bacteria (plaque) on the teeth resulting in discoloration.

Use of medication

Most of the infant drugs have iron contents such as contain supplemental vitamins which may cause formation of dark stains on your baby’s teeth. The use of antibiotic such as tetracycline in a pregnant woman may lead to discoloration of her baby’s teeth.

Injury to tooth or gum

If your baby has sustained tooth or gum injury, you will soon notice his or her teeth losing original color and turning pink or gray tint.

Weakness of enamel

Weakness of enamel is a genetic problem which may cause discoloration of baby teeth.

Too much of fluoride

The use of tooth paste containing too much of fluoride (fluorosis) may lead to formation of bright and whitish spots on your baby’s teeth resulting in discoloration.

Newborn jaundice

Jaundice in a baby soon after his or her birth may lead to development of green tint in his or her teeth.

Serious illness

Teeth discoloration may also occur as a result of a widespread infection during babyhood. Newborn hepatitis and some of the types of heart ailments and other such conditions may also have similar effect on baby’s teeth.

In case lack of proper brushing is the cause for discoloration you must use a small and soft-bristled toothbrush for complete and thorough brushing of your baby’s teeth with the help of water. You can also buy a fingertip variety of toothbrush for your baby. You need not use any toothpaste till you baby learns to spit. When your child grows two to three years you can use toothpaste for his or her teeth.

If you are bottle feeding your child throughout the day he or she may suffer teeth discoloration or decay. Continuous sipping of milk or juice from the bottle by your baby causes decay in his or her teeth.

Yogesh Mishra