Is Pregnancy Overriding Your Sexual Desire?

bed00 It is no surprise that to invite pregnancy you need to make love and have sexual intercourse. But have you ever thought of having sex while you are going through pregnancy period? Perhaps you may not get clear answers.

Here’s what you have to know whether you can have sex or not while you are pregnant.

Is sexual intercourse all right during pregnancy?

You can have sex so long as your pregnancy goes on normally. But your sexual desire may not necessarily be the same after sometime because of fluctuating hormonal levels in your body, coupled with fatigue and nauseatingness.

On entering into second trimester, you may experience an increase in your sexual desire with the enhanced blood circulation to your sexual organs.

But when you pass through the third trimester, you may not be very enthusiastic or desirous of having sex as you may experience weight gain or suffer back pain besides having various other symptoms.

Does sex during pregnancy leads to miscarriage?

Many people mistakenly believe that sexual intercourse during pregnancy may cause miscarriage particularly during first three months period. In fact, sex has nothing to do with early miscarriage. Miscarriage occurs due to chromosomal defects and several other factors related to fetal development.

Is sex during pregnancy harmful for the baby?

Amniotic fluid existing in your uterus acts as a shield for your baby. In addition to this, the temporary cervical blockage caused by mucous plug all through your pregnancy helps avoid any harm to your baby. Therefore you can freely have sex during pregnancy without having any apprehension.

Is it necessary to change sexual positions during pregnancy?

You can have sex from any position that you are comfortable with during your pregnancy. But with the progression of your pregnancy you need to explore which sexual position can be easy and comfortable for you to have sex.

Instead of lying on back yourself you may ask your partner to lie beneath you. You your partner can also enjoy sex by lying sideways facing each other.

Is it necessary to use of condom?

Your susceptibility to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) may increase when you have sexual intercourse during pregnancy.  Apart from affecting your pregnancy the STD infection may have an adverse effect on your baby. Considering the risk infection you must ask your partner to use a condom especially when he is having any STD.

Yogesh Mishra