Is Douching Useful For Vagina?

vaginal-douching When you happen to visit any local drug store you may have noticed a variety of salable products meant for douching vagina.

Looking at the attractive douche bags that comprise douches with an array of fragrances you may not resist your temptation of buying one of them.

The companies that are manufacturing vaginal douches are earning millions of dollars each year through the sale of such products with are becoming popular among women who are concerned about vaginal hygiene particularly after going through periods or having sex.

A douche bag includes small syringe with detachable nozzles besides containing water with vinegar or some scented fluid. The scented douche fluid is ejected into vagina for washing it out.

While some women feel the need for using douches after undergoing menstrual periods, others want to use it after having sex so as to feel clean inside vagina.

But is vaginal douche really helpful and beneficial in cleansing vagina after period or sexual intercourse? This is the question which hardly strikes minds of most of women who are going in for vaginal douching.

In fact, vaginal douching is not required after sexual intercourse, menstrual period or any other points of time. Vaginal douching is not recommended by doctors as well since vagina keeps cleaning itself naturally without necessitating any external or artificial cleansing.

The fluids which naturally exist inside vagina are sufficient to keep it clean and fresh. The truth is that instead of being beneficial vaginal douche may harm your health.

The use of douche causes imbalance in naturally existing fluids and other substances inside vagina. This imbalance increases the risk of vaginal infection.

You must know the fact that the gentle washing of external portions of vagina with the use of warm water and scent-free soap is sufficient to keep it clean and fresh.

You will be wrong if you think that you can avoid the chance of pregnancy through vaginal douching just after having sexual intercourse. Vaginal douching neither acts as a contraceptive nor prevents transmission of bacterial infection.

Yogesh Mishra