Interesting Games For Wedding Shower

games-for-wedding-shower Planning a wedding shower for the bride and the groom is the most interesting work. A wedding shower needs to have a lot of fun activities to keep everyone engaged. While earlier guys used to have their bachelor parties and girls used to have their bridal showers, these days, it’s time for combined wedding parties.

These wedding showers are organized for the bride and the groom where even other couples are invited. Wedding shower becomes all the more fun when you can have nice games and everyone gets to know each other. Here is a look at some of the games which can be played at wedding shower.

1.) Reading his mind

One of the most interesting games which can be played at the wedding shower is reading each other’s mind. This game is specially designed to know how much the bride and the groom know each other. All you have to do is ask a few questions to the groom and then ask the bride about the expected answers of these questions by the groom. Repeat the procedure with the bride. In case they know each other well, they are a couple made in heaven and in case they don’t, give them a separate corner to spend some more time with each other.

2.) Truth and Lie

This game has been specially designed to break the ice amongst the guests and so that they can know each other well and have more fun. Ask each guest to tell a truth and a lie about the bride and the groom and the other guests have to guess which one of them is a truth and which one is a lie.

3.) Wedding Dress of toilet paper

This game is quite a common amongst the bridesmaids. Just ask the guests to divide in teams of three- four and then provide them with a toilet paper roll and scissors and ask them to design a wedding dress out of toilet paper in less than 20 minutes. This game is really a fun activity which everyone will love.