Infant Bad Breath

Do you often feel embarrassed when someone complains that your infant smells bad? It is true that no matter how adorable the infant looks with his or her chubby cheeks, if your nose catches some stinky smell you do not feel like holding him or her anymore in your arms.

Isn’t it? Always remember that bad breath is such a problem that anyone even little ones can get affected by it. However, keep in mind that bad breath in children can be an alarming sign for parents and they should take every preventive step to get rid of this annoying problem. Read the article below that guides you on cause and preventing steps to get rid of infant bad breath.

Remember that normal bacteria live in the mouth region and rests on leftover food particles in your baby’s mouth and gum region. This cause bad breathe. In addition, if your baby breathes through his or her mouth, then it can result into bad breathe too? When you breathe from mouth, the saliva is reduced and mouth starts drying up. The dry mouth increases the natural bacterias in your baby’s mouth and thus results into bad breath problem.

Thumb sucking is another factor that causes bad breathe in infants. Thumb sucking leads to dryness in mouth and aids in excessive bacterial growth that eventually leads to bad breath. Even the use of pacifier can lead to bad breath. Pacifier dries the saliva in baby’s mouth thus making a perfect atmosphere for bacterial growth and thus bad breathe ailment in baby’s mouth.

Maintaining good oral hygiene is one of most effective way to get rid of infant bad breath. Brush your baby’s gums after every feeding and before bedtime. If your child sucks his thumb, do wash up his hands with water and soap at frequent intervals. Prevent your child from sucking toys, pacifier, and other objects in his mouth. If your child regular use pacifier, make sure you sterilize it in boiling water to get away all bacteria from it. This way you can protect your infant to suffer from bad breath problem.