Ideas To Jazz Up Baby Rooms With Minimum Budget

baby room decoration Baby rooms are and should be the cutest part in your home. Don’t you agree with me? But sometimes it happens that we dream and plan so much for our bundle of joys that we fail more or less mainly because of our financial crunches.

This article will surely light a ray of hope in all those who are weeping at heart only because they cannot afford setting up a flashy rich baby room for their little ones. And let me assure you that once you finish reading this, you will come up with much more novel techniques by yourself to embellish your kid’s room decor.

Thank God, baby’s thoughts are divine

Yes, your baby would never corner you for any inexpensive or reused furniture that you bought for him/her from the kids’ consignment sale. They find even a piece of junk, pretty attractive.

Moreover your baby does not count his/her blessings with the number of imported furniture or tiles in his/her room. Even the simplest pillow that you made with your hands proves to be much fascinating for him/her than the above said giants.

They do not love you for the amount of bucks that you spend for them instead they love you for what you are to them. Now do you really think your little one needs that furniture from Italy, you wished for to enhance his/her room?

Essentials that help you spend less

Furniture for baby and mom

Of course your baby needs a crib and that is the only thing which would ask you for some good money. In order to mitigate the budget choose the appropriate one from the store that you feel would suffice for your baby.

A bright colored bean bag is a good choice if your pocket allows it to come home. Other essentials include some good quality beddings, a rocking chair with a chair cushion for the mom while feeding her baby.

Caress in nook and corner

Why should I explain this when you know how important it is to keep your baby from any harm or pain while he/she crawls or walks around the room? Won’t it contribute for your mental peace if you have nothing to worry about the furniture or objects ready to switch your laughing baby into sobs?

Take some time to fix some bumper pads or sponges on the sides and edges of the crib, the rocking chair and anything that seems to be rigid enough to pain your baby’s delicate body.

Why not give a new dimension to the changing table or rack in which you plan to store your baby’s clothes, caps and socks? You can shop for a zipper rack made of fabric that would not cost you much.

Or you can opt for thermoplastic containers (thermocol boxes as they are called) that you fetch from your store or work area. Wrap these with colorful papers and you can detail them with cut-outs of various child- friendly pictures like balls, dolls, clowns, balloons, stars etc. You can cut these pictures from magazines or charts and utilize them. This way you are not only saving money, but adorning your baby’s room elegantly, keeping it safe from all possible hazards.

Fantastic are the walls

Do not worry much about the color of the walls for your baby’s room. Why I say so is because you have got thousands of options to liven up the walls with your creativity. Paint the walls with lighter shades or darker colors as you wish but remember to use non-toxic gloss paints.

Go for the water proof ones if you do not plan to repaint the walls for the next couple of years because you will helplessly watch your kid repaint the room with coffee in this time span.

As a small baby or a toddler, your kid will not enjoy the shades on the walls separated from the wall hangings and themes drawn on them. This means you have a pretty good time gap to paint the room while your baby learns to enjoy specific colors and hues.

Thematic walls are in

But more interesting is the fact that even if you do not paint the walls, you can splash your artistic ideas and throw them on the walls. To make it more thematic, apply the following ideas:

For small kids, certain themes like starry sky, alphabets, animals, birds and butterflies, cartoon characters like Popeye, Tom and Jerry etc will make a world of difference. No, you don’t have to draw or paint them. You are lucky enough to buy these as wall stickers from kids’ stores.

Plunging into kids’ world

If two or three of your kids share the room and they are by now smart enough to choose their heroes, ask them whom they would prefer their room to be shared with. Hopefully, they would answer ‘Spiderman’ or ‘Superman’ instead of the names of playschool-mates on whom they have a crush. Just kidding!

Your cute daughters would definitely appreciate if you get them Alice, transforming their room into a Wonderland. You can also opt for stickers of Barbie dolls, Disney Princess or Dora, the explorer.

Thematic wall decors can be enhanced with complementing wall borders. These can also be according to your creativity. Or spray those silver, gold, purple or green sparkling glitters which you would even love to gaze often. These are also very inexpensive and available in all stationery shops.

Some natural decors for your baby’s room

Always give importance to proper ventilation and light in your child’s room. This adds not only to your kids’ health but helps the room to be fresh and odor free. To provide a shaded effect when your child sleeps, you can select dark colors of curtains or blinds.

I personally advocate for some cool green themes to be applied in the room as this is the only color that proves beneficial to the eyes and contributes much to the overall well-being of a human, stimulating the brain. You can add a pinch of white just in case.

Dig your closet

I am sure you have not thrown away those velvets and linens that are hiding inside your closet. Take them out and cut them into fascinating shapes, say Thomas, the cartoon train or the cute ‘hello kitty’ and mold them into decorative pillows for your kid.

You can make numerous throw pillows with used rugs and washable cottons and toss them on the floor for your child to play. These are decorations as well as a protection for your child.

Home made toys are much appreciated

Your child will love the shiny fans that rotate with the kiss of wind in their room. Much easy to make, you can find the methods online or in books. Soft toys can also be hand made but make sure nothing is fixed for the eyes of the teddy bears and rabbits which later can lead your kid to choke. Help your kid to play safe.

Oh! You already started thinking of the opulent velvets, old linens and sumptuous silks in your cupboard? Good going!

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