How To Win Her Affection

dream-lover-300x200 A common question revolving in the minds of most of the men who have either been in a relationship or want to be in a relation is how to win her affection. Of course there are as many ways to answer this question as there are experienced people, but then there are some universal ways that can really help in answering this question to the point.

Winning a girl’s affection can be compared to a dance, where you cannot force her to dance with you but you have to make her want to dance with you. Once she has fallen for you, then make sure that she keeps feeling this way for ever.

Here are some simple tips to help you win her affection:

1.) Know the woman inside out. Usually guys get attracted towards the physical beauty of the woman without actually knowing her from the inside. You should take time in understanding her needs, her likes and dislikes, things that make her happy, etc. you have to be the guy who makes her feel happy only then will she have affection towards you.

2.) Take time. Don’t be hasty with the things. Don’t ever show your desperation of being in a relationship with her. Allow yourself some time in knowing her and allow her to know you as well, just take it easy. You should now pressurize yourself as she would also feel that pressure and make herself uncomfortable.

3.) Keep her happy, laugh often with her. Make her feel that you are someone she can really have a good time with. If you make her feel that you are the one who can keep her happy and have fun with her then she would certainly want to spend more time with you. Try to bring a smile on her face and laugh along with her.

Follow these simple tips to win her affection and make her love you forever.