How To Take Care Of A Teenager

teenager The persons of the age of thirteen to nineteen are known as teenaged synonymous with thirteen to nineteen all ending with ‘teen’.  Teenage in all tongues is treated as an age not to the liking of anybody.  This is an age when the person is quite young.  He or she is full of all sorts of innovative activities, generally of notorious types. 

The person at the beginning of teen, say thirteen/fourteen years of age, is despised by most of the people as on the first hand he is grown up enough to tease others and on the other hand he/she is treated a child to be excused of his/her follies.

The other teenaged are also known for their notorious activities much more than their worthwhile activities like studying, helping parents or doing any social services.  Somewhere this group persons are seen entering into unnecessary arguments, somewhere involved in quarrels and somewhere to the scare of the parents, the teachers and the society they are involved in ragging and crimes even like murder.

To take care of teenager, involvement of all has to be there – parents, teachers, socially active people.  At the parents level whereas they have to be nurtured with love and affection, precautions have also to be taken that they  are not made to adopt lavish lifestyles, adopt bad habits like smoking/drinking  or spend unnecessary time outside house; teachers have to ensure that they spend their valuable time in studies and extra curricular activities; and  the society as a whole has to ensure that they are involved in day-to-day community activities and off and on organize certain common events like national and religious festivals.

Teenage is a phase of life which is full of unending vigor and vitality. With some efforts, the teen care can be put to good use for upliftment and development of society and nation to achieve the goals of national building and developing communal harmony.