How To Spruce Up Your Sex Life And Have More Sex With Your Husband

tips to spice up sex life While the initial years of marriage are full of romance, passion and intimacy, you will find that as years go by your sex life will dwindle. While marriage is about shouldering life’s responsibilities together, many times couples get so caught up with the pressures of life that sex and romance take a backseat.

As kids come into the picture, you and your husband will get busy with parenthood and your passion for each other may reduce. While all these are routine happenings in every marriage, it is necessary to keep the spark of intimacy and passion alive. Having sex more frequently will keep you both emotionally better connected and will make you more involved with each other.

Frequent sex will ensure that your marriage is on solid ground since you and your husband will feel attracted towards each other. To keep your married life interesting, stable and passionate ensure you indulge in frequent sex with your partner.

This article has useful information on how you can ignite sparks of passion and desire in your married life. It gives helpful tips on what you must do in order to attract your husband towards you to fuel intimacy and passion in your married life. Read on to find out how you can perk up your sex life and have more sex with your husband.

Look and Feel Hot and Sexy

A few years into marriage and after having kids, many women tend to neglect themselves because of which they may end up looking shabby and unattractive. While it is natural to gain some extra weight after pregnancy and show few signs of ageing, you must take great care of yourself to ensure that you look fit and beautiful.

Join a gym and try to shake off the extra flab. A sexy body will make you feel great about yourself and will turn on your hubby. To perk up your sex life, it is important that you feel sexy about yourself. Hence, indulge in some spa or beauty treatments to improve your complexion and skin.

Try a few tricks to experiment with your looks or your outfits. A sexy hair-color or a skimpy night gown may turn on your hubby and ignite new sparks of passion. Sport sexy and feminine under-wear to make you look sexy so that when you undress, your husband gets turned on leading to passionate sex.

Display Sexy Body Language

When you want to re-kindle the sparks of intimacy in your marriage, it is important that you send out subtle signals to your husband. Indulge in some naughty talk over the phone or send him an intimate text message. These simple yet naughty acts could lead to frequent moments of physical intimacy between you and your husband.

Display sexy body language when you want to attract your husband to you. Swaying your hips sexily while walking across the room or showing your midriff when you and your hubby are alone in your home can fuel passion and desire leading to sex.

Spend time Alone Together as a Couple

In the modern day when most couples are working in high-pressure work environments, there is little time for each other. Add to it the responsibilities of parenthood and the routine chores of the house-hold which means you and your husband are busy practically the entire day.

Take some time off from your daily routine to connect to each other emotionally. You could plan to leave kids at the day care and take off to a nearby resort to find solace in each other’s arms. Spending quality time together can make you both feel re-connected and will ultimately lead to enjoyable sex.

Let Your Husband Know of How Much You Desire Him

Many women have secret desires and fantasies but are shy to express them to their partners. To perk up your sex life, let your husband know that you love him and wish to enjoy beautiful sex with him. This will make him feel wanted and loved. Expressing your feelings about sex can lead your man to becoming aroused thereby initiating moments of passion and intimacy frequently.

Spice up Your Sex Life by Doing Things Differently

One of the best ways to have frequent sex with your husband is to do things differently each time. This will make your sex life interesting and passionate. Indulge in fun foreplay games or indulge in passionate foreplay activities for a longer time.

This will fuel more passion in both of you leading to pleasurable sex. Use lubricating creams to have lengthy sex sessions without feeling the pain or friction. You and your husband can browse sex shops to find interesting creams and other sex artifacts that can make sex life more adventurous and fun.

Try Varied Sex Positions

To make your sex life more interesting, try having sex using new positions. Use a mix of known sex positions and modify them to suit you and your partner. Performing sex in the same position over many years can make things dull and monotonous.

Break the monotony by experimenting with new sex positions such as the doggy style etc. Ensure that the sex position you choose is comfortable for you and your partner so that you both can together have pleasurable sex.

Indulge in Quick Steamy Sex Sessions in different Locations in your Home

Sex need not be confined to the bedroom alone. If you and your husband are alone in the house, fuel up the environment by indulging in quick sexy sex sessions in different rooms of the home. Kitchen, bathroom, or your sofa can make for ideal places for a quick and spontaneous sex session.

Such spontaneous sexual encounters can make your sex life interesting and you and your husband will want to experience such pleasure often leading to frequent sex.

Communicate with Each Other to Attain a Pleasurable Sex Life

In a marriage it is necessary to communicate well with your partner. When it comes to sex life, communicate with each other so that you both can enjoy sex thoroughly. Let your partner know what turns you on and what your pleasure spots are. This way you can achieve frequent orgasms which will make sex feel ecstatic. Pleasurable sex will lead to frequent sex.

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