How To Save Money

moneytips During this recession hit time, we find ourselves digging into the quagmire of no money or going out of budgets, we don’t meet our boyfriends/girlfriends just to avoid spending money during these days of empty pockets. Here are some simple tips on how to save money.


It’s a strange fact but true that most of the people are actually scared of the process of budgeting. Though they do complain that they don’t even get to know when their paycheck arrives and when it leaves, but still they don’t want to indulge themselves in budgeting. But it becomes very important to know where your money is going. Divide your money easily into what goes as expenditure and what goes as saving.

Organize your financial records

Tear off your monthly bills after you’ve made payments. Destroy your bank statements and credit/debit card statements after you’ve verified them and made all the payments.

Spend wisely

One’s money is the asset that he/she has. It should be spent extreme wisely. Make sure that you spend your money on necessity and not luxury. Spending on luxury leads you into thinking and many times into repenting about what you could have done of that money which you spent on getting luxury. Spending today on necessity will help you in future so spend your money wisely.

Reduce your monthly bills

The electricity bill can surely be reduced easily by using some simple tools at home. Use CFL bulbs as they consume less energy thus reducing your monthly bill.

Switch off the power plug when it is not in use.

Lower the thermostat, for a single degree, there is a considerable loss in the monthly bill.

Pay all your bills

You should never get a last moment ditch that you didn’t pay the bill or now that you’ve got to pay the bill you don’t have the required money; thus always pay your bills on time. You can avoid the expenditure on stamps and commuting by using e-banking facility wherein you can pay your bills easily using internet.