How To Remain Free From Stress By Searching Happiness

happiness-for-stress When you feel happy, you will discover that you don’t have a complaint or grudge against anybody and all those things, which usually irritate you, have suddenly vanished.

This happens because it is a human nature. We forget our petty problems if we get something bigger in our life and happiness is such a feeling for which each of us is working hard in our own way.

Howsoever stressful your lifestyle might have become, but during this adverse time, if you get even an iota of happiness either due to excellent performance at work or because of your friends or relatives, on the spur of the moment you will experience that you mind has completely relaxed and there is no tension.

The psychologists believe that if people will become happy, a majority of their stress related problems would themselves be solved without any psychological or medical treatment. Therefore, we should put more effort in achieving such things which would bring happiness in our life.

Here we will discuss some of the fundamental characteristics of happiness which prevent stress:


You will be happy if you have succeeded in maintaining excellent rapport with your seniors, colleagues and subordinates at work as well as equally smooth relationship with your family members, relatives and friends.

And if you will not have any problem with the people you know then you would certainly feel happy and unstrained.

Financial conditions

A person’s financial condition plays vital role in his happy life. The people with good financial status are less likely to feel stressed as compared to those who are financially weak because if you have adequate amount of money, a majority of your requirements can be fulfilled.

But if your financial status is not good and it doesn’t improves in spite of your continuous efforts then gradually you will feel depressed and frustrated. Meanwhile, you will keep on thinking about your failed attempts due to which you will feel more stressed.

Curricular activities

Those who don’t like to remain empty minded during their free time actually prefer to do such things which not only make them relaxed and cheerful but at the same time eliminate their petty tensions.

You can also utilize your precious free time by engaging yourself in activities like playing with your kids, reading books, doing social works, etc.

Yogesh Mishra