How to Prevent Malaria before and when you Travel

Malaria is a problem that nations all over the world are trying to combat and in most cases they are failing miserably. Every year there are anywhere between 300 to 500 million people who get malaria and a few million die because of it.

Children in the age group of five and below are especially susceptible to malaria and most of the deaths that occur take place in this age group. This disease as everyone is aware is spread through the bite of the Anopheles mosquito.

Though malaria is common, contracting this disease can be avoided easily especially while travelling abroad. By following these simple pointers you can ensure that you have a pleasant and happy journey.

There are special centers that have information about malaria-risk areas. They would be happy to provide you this information so that you plan your journey accordingly. Get in touch with this Center for Disease control and Prevention before planning or embarking on any journey. They would be able to fax you the information that you require free of cost.

If your planning on visiting a sub-tropical or tropical country ensure that you take anti-malaria medication a week before your departure. Anti-malaria drugs such as Mefloquine or chloroquine can be obtained over the counter at most medical stores. In case you require a prescription you can visit your doctor who might also be able to give you other medication that you might require on your trip especially if you’re prone to diarrhea and other diseases.

These medicines can be taken orally however make sure that you have eaten well before taking any pills. It is also advisable to complete the full course of medication that your doctor provided before any travel.

If you are travelling from the United States then ensure that you take anti-malaria medication one a week while you are abroad and when you return back continue taking it once a week for a period of 4 weeks to ensure that you have not contracted the disease.

Carry a mosquito repellent cream and ensure that you apply it liberally to any skin that might be exposed especially when you sleep at night. If possible ensure that you sleep under a mosquito net.