How To Preserve Perfumes

preserve-perfumes We collect perfumes for their fragrances or marvelous bottles. Perfume companies and manufacturers ensure that the fragrances of their perfume last for a long time; but certain factors affect the fragrance and amusing smell to a great extent. We can enhance their life with a little more concern. Let us review some tips below for preserving our beloved perfumes.

Perfumes should be kept away from dust, dirt, oxygen, heat, warm temperatures and light. They can change its smell character and color.

Keep the perfume bottle in its original box. Dressing table’s drawer, dark closets and any covered box are most advisable to store the box.

Do not change the bottle of the perfume. Do not pour it in another perfumes bottle or Spray Atomizer ignoring how luring it is.

Do not refrigerate the perfume bottles as the humidity may cause changes in the ingredients and it also can destroy the atomizer’s mechanism. The atomizer will become unusable or will spray continuously.

Do not opt for open bottles; buy bottles with spray dispensers to prevent liquid exposure from oxygen and preventing dust, dirt, skin particles and many other organic compounds such as molds to mix with it as they degrade and alter the originality of  the perfume’s fragrance.

Cleaning the bottle with spirit or alcohol regularly will avoid dust and dirt entering the bottle and will keep the bottle clean as well.

Keep perfumes bottles closed tightly as this will avoid the scent of the perfume from evaporating and not losing its original smell.

Do not mix fragrances and perfumes with each other as they alter the scent and also may cause certain reaction to your skin or sense of your smell.

To best way to get the most out of your costly and luxurious fragrances is to preserve your perfume for a long time, keeping in mind that the quality of perfumes and its fragrance do not improve like wines. Perfumes and fragrances well preserved keeps us smelling exquisite and we get back every cent spent on them that costs us a fortune.