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How to Organise a Ladies Kitty Party with a Difference

By on April 27, 2009

party-goersA ‘kitty’ is defined as a ‘pool of money’ or a ‘fund’. Kitty parties were initiated as a mechanism whereby a fixed group of people would contribute a specified (fixed) sum of money every month. The collections of a particular month would go to one person by a draw of lots. Apart from a method to get a large sum of money in one instance, kitty parties became a social gathering whereby the group would meet at regular intervals.

‘Kitty parties’ are looked down upon by some people as they feel it is a waste of time as they revolve around money, food and gossip. However, apart from the monetary angle, kitty parties is a good way to meet up with like-minded people at set intervals. These parties can be given a twist to make them different and more enjoyable.

Depending on the likes/dislikes, interests and hobbies of the group, kitty parties can be organised sans the money, but with a different twist every time. Each month, the host member can plan out something unique. Some ideas are:

A Cooking Demonstration

A non-member can be invited to the party to demonstrate a particular style of cooking or a few dishes. These dishes can form part of the meal.

Bonsai Demonstration

A bonsai expert can be invited to show how bonsai plants can be created and maintained.

Dance Lecture- Demonstration

To enhance the cultural angle of the party, a budding dance student (or an expert) can be invited to give a short lecture demonstration on the dance style.

Children’s Stage Show

The children of the members can be invited to put up a small entertainment show. This will be welcomed by all parents and is a good way to involve the children during their holidays (aand still have the kitty party!)

However, please avoid any kind of multi-level marketing demonstration as it becomes awkward for the guests if they do not wish to make any purchases.

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