How To Manage Your Colic Baby And Sleep Too

coliccoondition Your tiny tot is very delicate. Even a small carelessness can cause your baby much harm. Despite minute carefulness parents often get confused over their baby’s uninterrupted cries.

This uninterrupted cry may be a result of severe abdominal pain known as Colic. Most of the parents are very much afraid of this colic because colic has no recognizable symptoms apart from the baby’s long and continuous crying.


People believe that trapped gas causes colic. But according to the child specialists, there are no confirmed causes yet found for the colic disorder. Whatever may be the cause, the truth is “colic” causes a lot of pain to the baby.


Colic generally attacks the newborns and it can stay as long as a month’s duration. The baby normally starts crying at the evening time and for a long span of time the cry does not seem to stop. Many times the cry stops because the child falls asleep.


There are no specific curative apart from waiting. Only time can stop the cry.

Parents’ role

Parents become innovative to stop the frustrating cry of child. It is necessary to break the continuous cry of the child.

Sleep well mothers

When you hit home after the delivery you also step into the world of hampered sleep. It is true that you won’t get much sleep at the night time because your newborn will generally get up at the mid night. But what you can do is to make up your sleep at the day time because babies spend the most of the day time sleeping.

Your day nap will prevent you from the tiredness that you generally feel due to the less sleep. But with the growth of the baby you will slowly go back to your normal schedule. But during the first year of the baby’s birth you need to sleep properly whether in day or night to avoid illness.