How to Manage Work and Reduce Stress

happywork Every person, be it a housewife or a senior management executive has stress, albeit different types and levels of stress.  Simply defined, stress means ‘strain’, ‘worry’, ‘anxiety’, etc. Working people may have high levels of strain and pressure due to professional demands; while housewives may worry about their home and children. Any kind of anxiety can be termed as stress.

Stress levels can be considerably reduced by managing work schedules effectively. By doing this, the reasons for anxiety are sure to reduce and thereby stress will be minimized.

Plan Daily Chores

It is essential to plan out one’s daily work schedule in terms of chores/jobs. A day chart can be made which lists out the chores/projects to be done and the time required for successful completion of each activity. Then, depending on the time required, these chores can be slotted into different day parts. Sometimes, a particular job needs to be done at a particular time (for example, a client meeting), then this must be scheduled first.


It is extremely necessary to list out jobs on a priority basis, so that you ensure that all important activities are completed in time. All daily activities should be listed in terms of importance so that if there is not enough time, then the jobs on low priority can be shifted to another day.


Some people find it very hard to delegate work and will do everything themselves. This leads to high pressure and greater stress levels. Learning to delegate is an art that must be mastered by all. At work, certain projects can be delegated to other team members while at home mothers can delegate some tasks to the children to ease up the housework.

Supervision goes hand-in-hand with delegation. If some tasks have been delegated, they need supervision as well. Without imparting proper supervision, delegation will not work effectively.

Time Out

Though mentioned last, it is extremely important to take ‘time-outs’ for one-self. Whenever the pressure mounts, a short tea-coffee break or a walk around the office/home will help recharge batteries.