How to Manage the Different Roles of a Woman

womenaging The Roles Women Play

A woman plays different roles in her lifetime – that of being a daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother! So many roles, and some of them at the same time, require a high level of emotional management. 

Woman as a Daughter

Every woman is first a daughter as she enters this world…..and she remains her parents’ daughter for ever. Though any other status in life may change, this status is everlasting. Her role is of being a respectful child (not necessarily ‘good’ at all times) and building a relationship of mutual love and regard with her parents.

Woman as a Sister

Next comes being a sister to her sibling. Brother-sister relationships can blossom into a bonding of mutual care and concern for the other; while sister-sister relationships are unparalleled. However, over the years, sibling rivalries may emerge over various issues and these will have to be managed as effectively as possible.

Woman as a Wife

Two people become a couple under marriage vows and it is this pairing that is extremely sacrosanct. Two individuals, two different personalities need to blend together and create a family of their own. The woman’s role is one of multi-tasking as the onus largely lies on her to balance out all aspects of married life (home, office and family) and achieve what is popularly known as ‘marital bliss’.

Woman as a Mother

This is one of the most challenging roles for a woman as it is most demanding and is 25×7 (i.e., more than 24 hours a day)!! A mother must inculcate a feeling of love, respect and responsibility among her children and, to do this, needs large doses of patience.

Woman as a Grandmother

This is the time to sit back and relax, to take each day as it comes and to let others take care of you. It is a time for reflection and to spoil the grandchildren.

Woman as a Great Grandmother

If any woman reaches this stage of life, she only needs to enjoy life with the many generations of her family.