How To Make Your Hair Fluffy

Hair plays an important role in our look. It can change your face cutting completely. We people have hair of different length and style. But one thing is common that we everyone wants to have a heavy and beautiful hair.

Thin hair does not look well. Moreover you can not create shapes properly on thin hair. Volumes of hair are necessary to make your look stylish and younger. This article may help you to make your hair fluffy and heavy.

There are different types of article available in the market that adds volume to your hair. Buy those shampoos for your hair. Volumizing sprays are also available. You can also perm your hair to make your hair fluffy. But too much use of these things may harm your hair because these are all chemical. It is better to use natural product on your hair to make them fluffy.

Take 2-3 table spoon of very finely ground pulse. This quantity may vary according to the length of the hair. Mix 2-3 table spoon of yogurt with it. Also add amla and lemon juice in it and mix well. Apply this mask on your hair. Leave them for an hour and then wash your hair with shampoo.

Henna powder is also good to add volume and make your hair fluffy by removing extra oil from your hair. Mix henna powder and amla powder into 3:1 ratio in the liquor of tea.  Soak them for at lest 2-3 hours. Then apply this mixture on your hair and let them dry. Shampoo your hair next. You will surely notice the added volume and the shine.

Egg is also another important ingredient that adds volume to your hair and takes care of the overall health of your hair. Take only the white portion of the egg. Beat them well. Add lemon juice and fenugreek powder in it. Apply this on your hair. Regular application may improve the quality of your hair and will make it thicker and heavier.

Do not brush or comb your hair when it is wet. While brushing keep your head down and brush your hair from the back. You can also do your hair up in curlers to get those volume adding curls.