How To Make Moisturizer At Home?

homa_made_facial_mask1111 Moisturizers are used to keep our skin hydrated and soft. A large variety of moisturizers is readily available in market and one may get confused which one to buy.

Moisturizers must be used according to skin type. Applying a moisturizer that doesn’t suit your skin, may be cause pimples or other allergies. Here are some recipes to make homemade moisturizers as per the skin type.

Let us categorize skin in three types: dry and sensitive skin, normal skin and oily skin.

Recipe of homemade moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin

Ingredients: almond oil, beeswax, essential oil/rose water and three vitamin E capsules.


Mix almond oil and beeswax in the ratio 2:1.

Melt the mixture on heat till the beeswax melts and stir well until it cools.

Add a few drops of essential oil/ rose water to the mixture for aroma.

Now add the contents of vitamin E capsules.

Moisturizer is ready. Pour this moisturizer in a jar and store in cool place.

Recipe of homemade moisturizer for Normal Skin

The most common homemade moisturizer for normal skin is the mixture of rose water, glycerin and aloe vera. It is stored in refrigerator.

Recipe of jojoba oil moisturizer:

Ingredients: jojoba oil- six tablespoons, vitamin E oil-one tablespoon, beeswax-2tablespoons, aloe vera- one tablespoon, rose water- two tablespoons, sandalwood and rose essential oil-8 drops and 4 drops respectively.


Take a small bowl and mix jojoba oil, beeswax and vitamin E oil in it.

Place this bowl in boiling water and stir the mixture well till the beeswax melts. Now remove the bowl from boiling water and let it cool.

Mix well rose water and aloe vera.

Blend together both the solutions obtained.
Now add rose and sandalwood essential oils to the mixture obtained and blend well.

Your moisturizer is ready. Pour it in a glass jar.

Recipe of homemade moisturizer for oily skin

Ingredients: honey-one and a half tablespoons, lemon juice of half lemon, yoghurt- three tablespoons and one egg white.


Make a mixture of honey, lemon juice and yoghurt. Blend together the mixture with a whipped egg white. The moisturizer is ready to use.

Apply this moisturizer on your face and wash your face after 15minutes with lukewarm water.