How To Make An Empty Shoe Box Useful (Gift Box, Tissue Paper Box, Trinket Box)

how-to-use-the-shoebox Once shoes have been placed in the shoe cabinet, the shoe box becomes redundant. This box need not be thrown into the garbage but can be used for different purposes.

Gift Box

A shoe box can be converted into a nice gift box which can be used for gifting precious, breakable gifts. The outside of the box as well as the cover can be covered with nice paper using strong glue. The cover can then be decorated using beads, ribbons, fabric flowers and glitter.

Tissue Paper Box

The shoe box can be made into a tissue box. The same method, as described above, can be used to cover the box. However, for a tissue box, the base of the box (the underside) should also be covered as this will become the top. Flip the box so that the lid is at the bottom. Now, with a sharp pen knife, cut a six inch slit in the centre.

The slit should be at least one inch wide. (The slit can be made longer depending on the size of the tissue paper). The box can be decorated around the slit. Once complete, open the box and place the tissue stack inside with one sheet through the slit and peeking out so that it is easy to pull out the tissue paper, and subsequent pulls on the tissue will (usually) get one sheet outside. These decorated boxes can be used at home, or in the car.

Trinket Box

Every girl/woman has numerous trinkets, hair accessories and fashion jewellery which is difficult to store. Decorated shoe boxes can be effectively used for this purpose. The shoe box can be decorated as described for the gift box above.

Additionally, cardboard dividers can be put inside the box to make smaller compartments which will help in segregating different types of trinkets. Further, a small mirror can be pasted on the inside of the shoe box cover, thereby removing the need of a separate face mirror while dressing up.